SYDNEY, CENTRAL COAST & HUNTER Valley Security Monitoring and Mobile Patrols

Empireguard offers security monitoring and mobile patrols by security specialists for venues, premises and assets in the Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley area.

Security monitoring and patrols are an important component of a comprehensive security plan. Arming your business with a security system such as alarm, CCTV and access control supplemented with security personnel offers you the most robust security solution.

There are several reasons why your business may decide to engage security guards on your premise. One of the most important is for the safety, wellbeing and peace of mind of your employees. Another is to protect high value assets. If your business operates in a high-crime area the presence of security may prevent theft, damage and vandalism.

Our security monitoring solutions include:

  • static guard
  • lock and unlock
  • random patrols
  • alarm response
  • mobile patrol.

Empireguard Patrol Staff and Alarm Response Staff are equipped with body-worn cameras.

On-premise monitoring and patrols provide a strong additional layer of protection. Contact Empireguard Security today.

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